suicide note

by pariuh

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tracks 8,2,7,4 appear on a cool "warm tour" split with couples counseling out for our january 2015 "warm tour" of florida.

all tracks (except for 6) were recorded on cassette tape in a strange period between april-june 2014.

have you ever googled "how to make a DIY exit bag?" on a low-grade (LG) smartphone at a 21st bday party?

i was very depressed and doing a lot of cocaine and salvia. i had coincidentaly bought bed sheets that matched the color of the walls of my bed room. the color of the rug i had bought for my basement, that i now needed for the floor in the room, eerily matched the painted wood. i was in a strange mint and maroon cell. i liked looking out the window.

i am much happier and love life.


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


pariuh Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: past mask
well we'll talk about your dark past and we'll ask ourselves who left themselves in that old mask. who left you here? all of your times wasted. all of your loves wasted. fool in the bear's den. trickster in the lion's den. watch him get away. walking through the mall it never came to me that you were looking for a friend, but thats not so easy. pleasantries take the place of toiletries and all the friends you made in your life; they're not so easy. i've been waiting.
Track Name: phonehead
i hear my phone inside my head but i know that its dead i hear your voice inside my head and the message says it's read when the saintly ring they twist their bodies into rings so let them sing
Track Name: sometimes
sometimes i get this feeling that its gonna go again. i get this feeling that she's gonna go again.
Track Name: tranquilizer crib
oh those ? those are just some tranquilizer cribs. they'll make you wanna do the twist. they'll make you wanna shake your hips. so do the twist. just do the twist.
Track Name: song to u
i wanna sing a song to u that will make it feel alright its not a song about you its a song about delight (the light) there was a house with some dogs (a few) where we held each other tight we'd ask each other a question or two and then we'd say we feel alright but the times that you never knew were the times when i was with you and i tell the story to everyone i meet and they say "hey man you just gotta act like me and be 'cool'" at the 1/4 bend i was a better man i lived met life in the pocket of a folded hand i did what i could and knew i should and now i know who what where and why i am
Track Name: don't call it a come back
how could the ghost leave so soon? she left us in the dark and only with that harvest moon how can i grow my plants-neglect my food? i sure hate to be the one that must be rude… but mrs. ghost i've done you wrong and mrs.ghost its been too long how can i grow my plants yet still neglect my food? innuendo hold her down i can touch her right here now again and again i can kiss her right here now but then again i can't hold her cause she is not here to stay i've got this kind of feeling my boy- a kind of temporary way